The first Master Raven has is Brown Bear, he teaches solely in Metaphor.

"Metaphor :

As they got better acquainted, Raven would ride on Brown Bear's back as he foraged for food. When they were setting out one day, Raven asked, "Do you teach exclusively with Metaphor?"
Brown Bear Said, "The robin sings in the oak tree; the finch sings in the madrone."
Raven asked, "What do they stand for?"
Brown Bear turned his head to look at Raven and asked, "The lark sings in the deep blue sky, what more can you ask?"
Raven aksed, "What is singing?"
Brown Bear turned back to the path and gruned. "We'll have auditions again tonight."


This by far is one of my favorite passages. There is a foot note on the "The lark sings in the deep blue sky -- What more can you ask" that the other puts in, it says :

"I like to thinkt hat Brown Bear is echoing Stevenson :

The Children sing in Far Japan
The Children Sing in Spain
The organ with the organ man
Is singing in the rain."

Robert Louis Stevenson, A childs Garden of Verses.
While everything changes, nothing is truly lost.