The reason that most of us on this forum are against "distance learning" is because we get mostly beginners coming along and asking for links to xyz styles so they can become backyard ninjas in 5 minutes. Hence the reason for the above post. We are all getting very weary of reading the same type of post from newbies and I do not wish to keep getting them over and over.

Since you are supposedly an experienced MA, imagine this: you are a complete beginner and have done no martial arts ever in your life. You buy a book from somewhere and try to learn the stuff in it. You have no concept of what you are learning and why and you then decide to join a bona fide martial arts club and tell them that you have mastered xyz kata. The head instructor asks you to demonstrate it and you get the movements, kicks and stances wrong, he tries to correct you and wastes the next year helping you to unlearn the bad habits you've taught yourself...

It takes just as much if not more time and effort to unlearn bad habits as it does to create good habits. This is a known fact in every sport, and as a serious martial artist of course you would already know this.

Obviously if you have spent a number of years learning martial arts in one club or other you have some idea of correct technique and do not need the constant monitoring on the basics that the beginners need.

As for my MA experience you have no knowledge of it, so are unable to make any sort of valid judgement or comment here.
Please focus on your own path before criticising or making judgement on others.

fyi the moderators sticky posts are for your guidance in each area of the forum and are not a topic for discussion.
Sword maiden