I read this with great interest.
The fact that you are against distance learning program only tells me that you have short or no experience yourself. I have trained martial arts for 14 years, and the last 8 years in the same club and under the same master. I have come to a level of understanding of my style that I do not need the instructor telling that I have my foot 10 degrees in the wrong angle. I know this by myself. I have no problems learning forms that my master has not instructed me in. It can be done from a book or video tape, abd with great success. It is only beginners that need the instructors contant supervision. According to your statment I think this is where you are in your development. When you get more experience and go further in your training you can stand on your own two feet and get things done without supervision.
My masters master is dead. Do you think this means that my masters development has ended? In that case you are terrible wrong. Every day he comes up with new stuff. When you reach a certain level of knowledge you will see yourself.
You should try to focus more on your own development rather than critizicing others. Walk your own path and let others walk theirs.