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I just mean basic playing cards by that. I've seen people slice through watermelons(and arms/legs...) with playing cards, but I've never been able to find a website with good instructions or a good practice regimen. Does anybody know of one?[/QUOTE]

To throw cards (Yes, history lesson's over, get those decks!) you need to understand that they have nearly no weight at all. Knives, stars, and even a snow ball have the advantage of weight. That's why you can use your arm and body in nearly any way you want to send it flying. Try it with a card, it'll flutter at a few feet (20 feet/6 meters if you're lucky).

The principle behind cards, is spin. And a massive amount of it. These cards become flying buzz-saws when thrown by a pro (although it is reported that Ricky Jay has less spin on his throws).

Oh sure, you say. Just spin it like a Frisbee. Nope. Wrong. A Frisbee has a lot more weight, and that toss won't work with throwing stars either. They're not supposed to spin, they're like throwing daggers.

i copied this of a website: