[QUOTE]Originally posted by cxt:

First, as I stated in my post--the information could well have been wrong.

In fact I think if you'll check I even ended my post with "could always be wrong."

So I was clearly NOT somehow "challenging" your background and info--so you might want to consider cutting me a bit of slack on the general tone of your reply.[/QUOTE]

Relax, bro. I did not take your post as a "challenge"--I simply questioned your claim.

[QUOTE]2nd, Again, as I already stated, I also fence, and I also know that the Coup de Jarnac is used to mean a hamstring cut.[/QUOTE]

That's fine.

[QUOTE]I was quite clear that the reason I remembered it was that it was defined in a very different manner than I had heard before. Very different than the defination I knew.[/QUOTE]

It was "different" than the definition you knew because Woodward makes stuff up.

[QUOTE]Again, I specifically said that.

Again, was not somehow "challenging" your knowloge of the sport.

Just chatting as it were.[/QUOTE]

Again, relax. [IMG][/IMG]

It's all good. If you didn't like my "tone", I apologize. I'm just "chatting" too.

[QUOTE]Despite its flaws Conquest was a fun show.[/QUOTE]

Yes, I concur.

[QUOTE]Although I seriously doubt the "real" Maupin was as cute as her "stand in" for the show.[/QUOTE]

Well, that's one of Woodward's truth-bendings I'm willing to live with! [IMG][/IMG]



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