Hello all,

Recently, at a weapons training seminar my Sahbaumnim (Sensei) was demonstrating Staff techniques with a fellow Master, unfortunately during the course of their fight his Bo broke. This Bo was given to him by his own Master about 30 years ago, it is unlike any I have seen before. It isn't a hardwood staff, instead it is made up of many fibers, perhaps of bamboo, and has a length of about 2 meters (six feet more or less) and is very springy, so that when you hit a surface it bounces.
I was hoping someone here would have information on where to find a staff like this, so that we would be able to get a new one for our Sahbumnim (Sensei) Even though the new one won't have all the years of chi (ki) energy stored in it, it would be nice to be able to give him this gift. Any information would be appreciated!!