Okay, lets get down to it. Ive got nothing against Bruce Lee. I value his contribution to martial arts and to the film industry as well. I own all his books and films. However, I also recognize that the man was just that, a man. He had his faults as we all do. He was HUMAN like we all are(most of the time). The problem is, many people worship Bruce and JKD like a religion. The very thing Bruce wanted to prevent. So in that spirit, topics on Bruce Lee will be monitered very closely and almost always terminated because, like religions often do, its casues arguement and then bickerey. So, if you want to have a discussion about bruce that will last more than a day then here is my suggestion to you. Be polite, provide a discussion based on facts, and have a civil adult discussion or take it elsewhere. Sorry to have to do it but, then again, its my time that gets wasted in the editing process, not yours. Thank you.