Chen Zen-

Yes, Bruce did have training in Tom Toy. Tom Toy is mandarin for "Springing Legs". The Tom Toy or "springing leg" style is more modern in origin, said to be developed during the Ming Dynasty. (1368- 1644). Ten Routine Tom Toy is one of the most favorite martial arts enjoyed by the Hui peoples. Tom Toy was said to be developed by a Hui native of Xinjiang, in Northwest China, named Cha Shang Yir.

Please excuse the history lesson, but as far as the art, technique wise, The Tom Toy forms build up the body due to its strenuous demands for low body height, precise movements, and forceful execution. Also, it teaches such combat skills as springing, kicking, stamping, sweeping, thrusting, grappling, punching, pushing, hooking, sticking, etc. Body mechanics are coordinated so that maximum force is issued with smooth effectiveness and efficiency, much like in my JKD, and surely yours, so you can see where Bruce drew it from.

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