Hi friends,
How many of you have the habbit of applying gingely oil on your body?
Its very good to keep the body in good shape.
Our body is also like any machinery which needs lubrication, especially for MA who train rigorously. What the oil does is that it lubricates the body and you dont get joint pains, and its very good for your nerves, muscles and bones. Its believed that your bones do get flexible over a period of time if you follow this practice.
Poeple who are new to this can start applying once a week first and then go for twice a week.
The procedure is heat the oil moderately and apply all over your body from head to toe. Then be like that for 1 hr and then take bath in luke wurm water.
Intially to start off, you apply the oil and wait for only 15 mins b4 taking bath and then keep on increasing till 1 hr. This is because you may get common cold or head ache since you are new.People in cold regions also do it only once a week and then if you get accustomed, you can do twice a week.
This is a practice which is being followed for centuries in Indian culture and its a part of AyurVeda.