Doesn't mean that it can't work better. Never let something like "it works fine the way it is" stop you from investigating new techniques to see if you can make it fit in your arsenal, and help add to your efficiency in combat.

That doesn't mean that you just keep on adding more techniques, it means that you find out that this is another way of doing the same thing. Is this my personal way of handling combat?

Bruce Lee studied with Dan Inosanto because he felt that he could learn something from Inosanto, and he had already added techniques from kali before his death.

If you see Inosanto's additions to JKD as a negative you are still hung up on technique. Forget the technique, and the name. A punch is just a punch and a kick is just a kick.
If you follow Bruce's philosophy these additions are not additions, but are a part of the way of fighting, now you have to see for yourself if it works for you.

Some techniques are forever excluded from being investigated, as the principles of jkd simply.... well, excludes them, but if a new found technique is within the concepts and principles, investigate it, if it's useful absorb it, if it's useless reject it. Kali was useful, so Bruce decided to absorb it.