before i get to the point i would like to let u know that i respect all martial arts and there tradions!

i know JKD is a streetfighting method. infact i have talked to jesse glover through e-mail about its use on the street.

i personally reckon you have to have JKD second nature to use it effectively on the street.
and dont forget a streetfight is fast, fast, FAST! its awkward postions, and violence etc.

Put it this way.
a jkd guy gets into a confrontation with the best brawler in the country. this brawler is massive in build, not too tall, stocky, with a hard head, can take a beating, loves pain in a fight, powerful, has muscles,has a gud punch, fights dirty, he will do any thing to win, he has the will, he is very ferocious.

now first you will need to have confidence in your skills to fight with him cos if u dont and u throw a punch and u break your own hand and get the guy angry, ur in for a surprise! you will need to be very very very strong. i mean a streetfight does always get the point where u punch, GRAB punch punch FLOG EACH OTHER ABOUT punch,

basically u cant really have a brawl like your sparring, everything in a streetfightlike a punch is thrown where eva the hand happens to be. u dont have a stance. so when i see all this sticky hands stuff, it luks top but if you figt a brawler i jus described, by the time u finish dancing you'll be knocked sparko!!!

brawlers do have skill, skill which is natural. punching,grapplin, the grAPPLing is natural cos if ur strong u can grapple with someone, u might no know the moves but yu will survive in that postion. they know where to hit ya. they have had so many fights, n so much experience that they develop skill. i dont mean martial arts type of skill but they know what is street effective.

jesse glover agreed with what i have to say. he believes these men are born with it, they become hardmen cos of literally non stop fighting, they have red hot tempers!

i think thats what i call a real fighter.
now dont say ur a martial artist, ppl use martial arts for different use, some for peace and some for skill for fighting.