Just because JD thinks he was "the best" doesn't mean it is so. Besides the challenges by amateur street punks on the movie set and hand picked (by Bruce) Karate guys at that tournament in Long Beach, I will ask once again, which truely great martial artists did Bruce fight? Some rumor from JD (who's character is questionable if he had to carry around a gun all the time and he thought of shooting Bruce) doesn't cut it. Has anyone ever asked Chuck Norris or Joe Lewis if they felt they could beat him? As far as recorded matches, Bruce didn't really fight any of the more premier Asian kung fu or karate fighters during his time except Wong Jack Man who was a grandmaster and a child prodigy before he was comissioned to open The Jing Mo Athletic Associaion in San Francisco. Speaking of Bruce's way of continueing a fight because he didn't have any respect for his opponents skills, that's probably what Wong was doing during their 20 minute bout back in '64. Apparently Wong got Bruce's head locked under his left arm three times before letting him go every time. Only to have Bruce charge at him even more enraged. The respected martial artists who were there (Clarence Lee, William Chen, and others) said with certainty that Wong was the better fighter. Despite what people think about that fight now (due to Linda Caldwell's bunk version), Bruce never talked about it while he was alive. Like I said before, he mentioned some "kung fu cat" who he had beaten but he never mentioned Wong's name. If he really did beat Wong then why didn't he answer his challenge? For more on this read this link...


And there's no difference between a "street fighter" and a skilled martial artist. What, I couldn't use my Bak Siu Lum to kick somebody's ass on the street as well as in the kwoon. By the way, that link will take you to EBM Kung Fu Academy's website. I've trained there and I can tell you that Brent Hamby, Dan Carr, and Dave Tircuit are some tough hombres. All three were trained by Wong Jack Man himself. This fact not only proves that Linda Lee's reason for Bruce and Wong's fight (the right to teach the quilo) is total BS, but that Wong has produced great martial artists and winning competitors (Brent Hamby is the 1999 USAWKF National Champion and he has produced more than one national champ himself). And JKD has produced how many champions? NADA! And I'm sorry the differences between sport and real fighting are negligible. If you're a good fighter it doesn't matter if you're in the ring or on the street you still have to put up or shut up as they say. If you can't follow the rules in the ring and you just have to kill somebody in order to beat them, it shows that you just don't have any control.

And look, I'm not trying to say that Bruce wasn't a good fighter in his own right. I'm just trying to de-bunk this totally idiotic notion that he was "the best." There is just absolutely no proof of that. People tend to believe that because Bruce was famous for bragging about how good he was. Because he died before anyone could beat him publicly everyone thinks that this stupid claim is true. Isn't it strange that he would make such claims and not try and publicly proove it. Anyone who comes out publicly and says they can beat anyone in the world is not a master and is definitely beatable. Just look at all of the fighters who have (Ali, Tyson, etc...).

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