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Thigh kicks are no magic bullet. But I know how much damage they can do, and if they strike the correct nerve points, you go down. I saw this happen at the last black belt grading I was at. It didn't "hurt" (too much, that is), but the guy, a 3rd Dan and former boxer simply couldn't move his legs.

MT, the sites you provide are not objective. "Benny the Jet getting smoked".....and one kick of a final round of a six round fight as the "tell all" expose?

Why didn't he fight more MT?

Why don't "Lumpinnee" Champions fight in the UFC then? It's a stupid bloody question, they've got more valuable thigns to do, you know, like having a life.

They dont fight in UFC as there is more glory in Muay Thai for them, when they reach Lumpinee fight level usually they are a couple of years from retirement, also they are almost always 60-67kg weight.

I have no doubt in my mind that if these guys were to train a little in ground fighting, as they do have standup wrestling, (dont be mislead into believeing they are weak at standup wrestling, its very similar to Greco Roman only with striking) they do well in UFC... the reality is they dont want to fight in UFC. One Thai named Buakaw, I dont know if you have ever witnessed this "Machine" ever fight, he is the first to ever start fighting in K-1, he cleaned up easily, he even danced between rounds!!

I think through time we may see more Thais coming to the west to compete in western sanctioned events, maybe even UFC, who knows but I know for sure when they do they will rattle a few cages. You gotta respect them, they start training from as early as 4 then start fighting professional FULL Muay Thai by the age of 14 and by 16 maybe 17years old these guys have nothced up 30+ fights! It's in their blood and I'm sure any UFC champion has the most highest respect for Thai boxers coming from Thailand, you gotta have, you simply cannot appreciate the skill level and determination shown by these guys. They are strong and if you have never fought one then you can only assume, they are like trains, you hit them but they keep moving forward, the harder you attack the harder they come back, very tough fighters.