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I actually ad 2 other ranges to the mix. In teaching self defense I teach 5 "games" or ranges. They start with the most theoretical and move closer as you progress from 5 to 1. 5, the 5th range is Mind, making choices about where you go and with whom. 4th deals with awareness, sight hearing and voice. If I see or hear trouble, head the other way. use posture and voice to not appear as a good target. 3rd, kicking/punching. 2nd clinch or vertical grappling and 1 on the ground.
Hopefully if I use 5 and 4 well I dont have to prgress to the others.


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Nice. I think we all need to apply awareness and mindset in our 'game'. I suppose we all have different ways of doing such.

I tend to tie the awareness and mindset to a way of life and is a constant ... and therefore contributes greatly specifically when I am in the 'ranges or games'.

And I agree, if you have the means to cut off/stop a confrontation before it takes place ... by all means.

Nice thread.


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