If you have to study alone here are a few suggestions. Get a training partner and learn to spar. Buy 16oz. boxing gloves, a mouthpeice and a boxing headgear for both partners. And choose a partner that is your size or smaller. Also consider a body shield. Good protection will make the
learning more tolerable. Always be safe.
Begin by using a jab and cross to the body only. Learn to deflect, intercept and redirect your partners punches. After a few weeks add the hook punch. You can learn the skills from tapes but very few tapes teach you to spar. You will have to learn this on your own. Try to hit then move, reposition. Do not stay in the same place after you hit your opponnent. Defense is the key to progress. MOVE. Take short steps and take a lot of them. Watch any boxing matches on ESPN. Pick a boxing hero and mimic his movements as you spar.
Bruce Lee and Joe Lewis spent hours reviewing boxing films to learn mobility principles and footwork.
Perhaps 1/3 of Bruce Lee's Tao of JKD is devoted to boxing methods.
After a few weeks of sparring with hands only to the body try to incorporate the front kick and the round kick. You will notice you want to have greater distance to more easily kick. More distance means it's easier to block but if you get hit it will hurt more when the technique is launched from a distance (more momentum). Be safe. Buy some padding for your shins and feet.
Even though you have head gear do not strike to the face until you feel very comfortable striking the body. This could and should take months. When you feel you are ready to strike to the head try letting a child, girl friend or smaller and slighter person take a few swings at you. if they hit you it will not hurt (as much). At this point you will have to learn to duch,slip, bob and weave. Not an easy task. Do not spar without safety equipment.
Take your time. Sparr 5 rounds 3 times per week. Work on conditioning. Be shure that you and your partner like each other and do not take advantage of each other. Agree to go slow and learn. If possible video tape a sparring session and review it.
Good luck and stay safe.

Jerry Beasley www.aikia.net