Yea, I really feel the same way. Thatís all that Zen and Taoism talking. I happen to be a Zen Christen and can tell you thatís exactly how they talk/write.

It just seems that so many people don't get it. I thought maybe Using his words may help, probably not.

JKD IS NOT A STYLE. Sorry to yell but Iím frustrated. No technique is JKD, No group of techniques are JKD, No style is JKD.

What Bruce did (his techniques) was Jun Fan
thatís what he called it. JKD was the philosophy he used to develop that, it was on going, never ending, Techniques came and techniques went. When something was found to work better and in most cases was simpler that was added and the other faded away THATS JKD!

If Bruce could see he's original students still doing pretty much what he was doing this many years later he would flip out.