You know, i have heard and seen so many people who claim to study JKD as a style. Is'nt JKD more of a philosophy, the abandoment of a system, using what works effectively, no matter what system it came from. Am I wrong to think that JKD should not be considered a system in and of itself, but more of a philosophy that should be followed by the practitioner? How you you rely on a system that is all about abandoning a system. Don't get me wrong I love the concept of it, the ideals behind it, everything about it, I just have problems calling JKD a system, and I'm not sure that Bruce Lee would disagree with me. Granted it had to be named a system for recognition, but i believe that that was the only reason it became a system. I really am interested in what the forum members have to say about this and I eagerly await replies, but please keep it serious, I think this is a very big issue in the MA world and very open to debate.