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A person with no obvious impairment should be able to use all techniques - if it doesn't work, it hasn't been trained well enough right?

It's all about attributes.

A guy who stands 6'5" and weighs 350 pounds simply won't be able to do things that a guy half that size can do and vice versa.

For example, most big guys aren't good kickers. Sure, they can kick to some degree as everyone can. But, kicking is really a smaller mans game. Why? Because of physics. A larger mass is slower to move. Does that mean that the big guy can't kick? Not really, but it very well COULD mean that he SHOULDN'T.

I don't have the hand speed that Bruce Lee purportedly had. He could make things work that I wouldn't have a chance in HELL of making work -- all because of attributes.

This could be expanded on indefinitely.

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You say it is a process, but think others finding what works for them, or surveying as much as possible before integrating it into "truth in combat" is futile. Why?

I was only referring to dongamongo's example. You HAVE to discover what works for you, the individual. That takes time to do and that is a process.