JKD can be at least four different things: (that I know of)

1. "Traditional" JKD, Wing Chun wihtout the forms and influences from Savate, boxing, fencing etc

2. Lee's minimalist approach, using what he thought was useful, but more adaptable than the above

3. A concept that all MA's can use to better their art.

4. The modern day interpretation of 2., that is what John Kogas for example does.

Does anyone see the value in becoming a purveyor of systems and techniques, until they build their own "way of no way"? I think the problem is you could practice for 30 years and still be in the dark about many effective techniques or principles.

Like has been said in many other posts in other forums, I would combine the arts which I see as the most able to cover as many bases as possible - JKD as in 4., Shaui Chao and Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu. Then I would change it to what I saw as the most effective.

Would anyone add firearms, baton or handcuffs training to this list?

Or is it more useful to use your own style as a vehicle, use techniques from elsewhere yuo like and use the JKD principles as a guidebook?