Although I have never taken any formal classes beyond some Kempo as a 10 year old, I am no stranger to fighting and have ALWAYS been fascinated with fighting techniques.

There was a story of a great fighter who was traditionally a one handed fighter who could deliver powerful blows and take quite a beating but still lost to the champ. After some time away he trained his other arm to become slightly below equally effective as his other arm and defeated the champ in there second meeting.

Haha...although this story is from Rocky I and II , it does prove true.

In my novice opinion I would say that becoming fully developed with one lead is, purhaps, a FASTER way to reach the level of an effective street brawler, because you do have technique and experience (I hope) over the Average street fighters lone experience.

However I believe that if you were on the quest of champions the most effective and valuable way to do so is by training both sides. Of course this would take close to Double the amount of time to develop both sides equally however you would also be , in my opinion, AT THE LEAST 2.5 x as effective as a figher. For example, look at the fighting style of Klitzkove ( spelling? ) The heavy one handed boxer that lost to CHAMPION Lenox Lewis who incorporates both hands into his style far more than his opponent.

Once again I am a novice and these stories are of Boxers however I feel the examples are perfectly valid.

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