If you ever watched a Bruce Lee movie you saw him with his shirt off. While his entire physique was incredible, the one thing that always stood out to me was his large forearms. Compared to the rest of his body they were enormous. Years later I began Jeet kune Do training and have found out why this is so important. In any fighting system the the arms do the majority of the offense and defense. No matter what art you may be adapting with JKD concepts, it is benifited already if you have good forearms. Grappling, punching, grabbing and locking, finger thrusts and blocking all deal directly with forearm strength. If you have ever been grabbed by someone who is strong then you know that it really doesnt matter what they grab, it hurts. Being able to hit hard is self explanatory. Forarm conditioning should be a major part of any self defense training. There are tons of excercises to be done. Finger tip pushups, holding a weight with two fingers then swithching the fingers quickly, rolling weights on strings, gm equipment, pushups, chin ups, weapons training. In particular my favorite are nunchuckas. You can work the entire forearm with them. After usually only twenty minutes and it help build total body equillibrium. Thoughts?