Hey all,
I go to UC Davis and I have been interested in martial arts for quite some time. I have never had any formal teaching, but I have read numerous books on BJJ and NHB submission wrestling an have trained some with my friends. I finally decided to get some real training cuz on campus we have many different martial arts clubs, but now I am stuck pondering which martial art to focus on. I practice some Krav Maga at home cuz it is pretty easy to practive on your own, but I am really trying to decide between Hapkido and BJJ. I want a martial art that I can advance in, and I really love BJJ, but I also want to be trained in standing/sparring situations and the BJJ club almost exclusively does groundwor. I'd like to do both, or BJJ and kickboxing, but I only have time to choose one right now cuz I also go to school. What do you guys think?