My question here is really posed to those of us who are black belts or high-level instructors, but as always, everyone is welcome to comment.

As an instructor, how often do you take yourself back to basics and train on the little things that are often regarded as insignificant to some students and instructors?

I ask this because I go back to the basics quite a bit. I think that it is imperative that we review our basic techniques in order to a) be good instructors and b) be able to act on basic instinct rather than have to think about a technique.

So many of my students ask why we have to continue doing a drill over and over, or why we have to do the same drill week after week. I simply tell them that this way it will be permenantly glued to your instinct.

For me, training on the basics is a part of my daily training routine. I start with basics, and then I branch off to the advanced techniques that I am currently working on or experimenting with. Many people that I have trained with in the past have expressed their disinterest with this style of training, as they are anxious to get in to the meat of the training. I simply state that the basics are the core of our training, and that everyone should go back to the basics every time they train.

How does everyone else fare with this? How often do you start your training at a high level and forget to review the basics?