I have trained Wado in a UK club three times a week for the last year. I train with my children once a week (family karate class) who are quite young, but keen to learn and enjoy going up and down in yunzuki stands doing different blocks etc. Trouble is that we are moving to a village where the nearest Wado club is 4 hours drive away. There are shotokan clubs in the area, but I really like the Wado style and I'm unkeen to change. I have the backing of some blackbelts who are willing to support me if I stick with Wado (but they can't be there on a weekly basis). Is it feasible to set up a dojo (have plenty of space in new place) even if I am nowhere near "qualified" to teach? (I have helped out as assistant instructor of the kids in our club and I really enjoy it) I do feel confident teaching the first basics and first katas (nidan, shodan) to the children. Should I persevere with Wado and try and keep up mine and the kids training or is it a mistake not to just surrender to Shotokan? (For the record, I am 6th kyu and 34 years of age).