I have always had the policy in our dojo that any parent/guardian/sister/gran etc. may watch any lesson/course/grading that their child is taking part in.

I did this originally because, as a parent, I believed that if I had this open policy, the parents would feel more comfortable leaving their child with me.

This has, indeed, been the case, but I have found it has brought many other benefits:
Firstly, quite a few mums, dads and siblings have become students themselves (one mum that started alongside her son is now training to be an assistant instructor).

Secondly, having other adult witnesses in the dojo at an all childrens classes is great. A child once hurt himself jumping around being silly after I had told him to sit down for misbehaving. His parents made a huge fuss and said they would "take action" The parents that were watching were all witnesses in my favour on the accident report I sent to both the primary school where it happened, and to my association.

Thirdly, because they watch, they have become interested and supportive of their childs training and will drive them all over the place for special lesson. The father of one student is currently busy making several pairs of padded nunchukkas which he is donating to the club. There have been many instances like this over the years.

And fourthly, I have made some very good friends among the parents, quite a few of them came to my wedding.

The reason for telling you all this is that my son wants to join a boxing club where parents are not allowed in AT ALL because it distracts the kids from their training. I am still letting him go, I have checked the club out and spoken to the coach and some other parents.

I have no intention of changing my policy, but I wondered what you all thought of this. What do you think the pros and cons are? And what is the policy on this at your dojo?