I'm not being funny. Honestly. Just been doing some thinking, and would like answers to some questions. If anyone has a take please jump in.

Why do I train in bare feet?

Why do I train in a gi with a belt?

Why do I need to lock my stance?

Why do I need to look like a swallow in Enpi?

Why do I move into and hold static stances?

Do you ever feel that you are training control for the sake of it? (By that I mean the ability to put your body in an exact space and time. Not for improving your ability to strike more effectively, but just to exert more control over your body.)

Why do I move differently in sparring to how I move in kata and line work?

Do any of you spar flat footed, or with your heels on the ground?

Old karateka:

Is karate bad for your joints?