You say

"As time goes by, however, it always seems as though talking in class becomes less and less of a problem, kata is no longer taken as seriously, improper technique is not corrected, and so on. The end result is my training suffers. I am tired of bouncing from here to there, studying for short whiles with amazing fighters and poor martial artists."

What do you want? Boot camp? Seriously, being quiet and concentrating when practiscing something can be valuble, but the instructor also may not want to try to fix every imperfection of technique immediately, it will probably fail, and when you train in smaller groups (which is better than alone or big groups) you talk anyway, except when you do kata or fight. Of course you shouldn't be rude, but discussion of techniques, free flow of conversation seems not out of place... Amazing fighters and poor martial artists? Poor fighter and good martial artist don't go together, unless you have just begun. Good fighters are good martial artists. The struggle to become that proficient, fast, tough, smart or fit is personal and a tough road.

"Does anyone have any advice for seeing through the BS to the heart of a dojo? That, simply, is what I am looking for: heart; someone who will share my open mind, honesty, loyalty, and is willing to teach as much as I am willing to learn. Granted that may be high expectations, as when I walk into a dojo I do as an empty vase not waiting to be filled, but EXPECTING to be filled. However, I found one such person, and know there are many others out there."

Good treachers will teach you as much as they can, as fast as you can learn it, but you have to begin to teach yourself, develop your own ideas, and not be spoonfed, notwithstanding you are not a master level intsructor and you may be fortuneate enough to have one as your teacher.