Hello all. I have been searching for some time now for a new dojo, as my previous (and wonderful) sensei graduated from my university and took off again for ALASKA, of all the unfollowable places in the world. [IMG]http://www.fightingarts.com/forums/ubb/wink.gif[/IMG] The problem is that I cannot seem to find one instructor half as decent as my last. I always enter a new dojo with no pessimism, but one long list of questions, most regarding discipline within the dojo. I always get the speech about how "training is very serious here," etc. etc., and as I sit in on a class it always is... for that day.
As time goes by, however, it always seems as though talking in class becomes less and less of a problem, kata is no longer taken as seriously, improper technique is not corrected, and so on. The end result is my training suffers. I am tired of bouncing from here to there, studying for short whiles with amazing fighters and poor martial artists.

Does anyone have any advice for seeing through the BS to the heart of a dojo? That, simply, is what I am looking for: heart; someone who will share my open mind, honesty, loyalty, and is willing to teach as much as I am willing to learn. Granted that may be high expectations, as when I walk into a dojo I do as an empty vase not waiting to be filled, but EXPECTING to be filled. However, I found one such person, and know there are many others out there.

I still train on my own for roughly 5 hours a week, but am starting to desperately feel the need for guidance in my art again. I have gotten to the point of debating moving to SoCal for the simple opportunity to train at my home dojo, where I know I will get the training I desire. While it would be an experience, I am not sure if I'm ready for a move just now.

So, can anyone loan me their BS x-ray goggles?