Shotokan was/is my base art.

However I've strayed so far from it.

Shotokan was the Okinawan childrens Karate developed by master Itosu for them.

When the Japs who the Ok's hated demanded to be taught thier secret fighing art they were given the kids one as revenge.

Unfortunately the middle class japs who appropriated it were students of commerce like Kanazawa and Enoeda, not fighters.

So they turned the childrens karate into No Contact Competition Karate
Hence it is useless for the streets.

In order to make it work you have to trace it back to its roots when it was a fighting art practiced by fighters.

Nakayama was not taught Bunkai by Funakoshi the elderly school teacher he learned off for about 2 years!

By the way who graded Nakayama to 10th Dan oh yes it was himself. [IMG][/IMG]

Lets not fool ourselves here
these are the facts.

I live and train in nwhere the top Uk guy is Andy Sherry.

Who also has never had a street fight in his life.

Nor has his partner Frank Brennan another 'Hight Graded' Karateka.

Two other top graded Shotokan Sensei got battered in our local nightclub by the bouncer, they both ended up in casualty, their one of them 'Billy Higgins' took the bouncer to court for excessive force. [IMG][/IMG]

The reality of KUGB/JKA Shotokan is it is childrens karate and doesnt work on the streets.

I'm sure if you do some research you can find all the above info is fact.

Billy Higgins still has the scars from that beating if you dont believe me ask him how he got em.

And if he lies I know the guy who give him them Very Well. [IMG][/IMG]