the other day a friend of mine got into a fight down the road from a party with some guy, but my friend only got one hit on him when the guys friend comes up with a 2 by 4 and hits my friend in the back of the head twice breaking the board in half, my friend just stood up and the guy charged at him. him and my friend hit a tree and my friend elbowed and punched him breaking the kids jaw. when the kids jaw was broken he kicked him in the face and started choking him yelling "can u breath motherf***er". the people watching pulled my friend off and it looked like he was gunna leave but then he turned around and started punching the guy in the head which was on a curb. the guy was knocked out and someone yelled "i think hes dead" and my friend says " thats right, your dead" and walked away when he was gone one of my friends stayed behind to call and ambulence and wait with the kid to make sure he wasnt dead and the kid started puking up red foam that looked like cherry pop.

it turned out the side of the kids face collapsed when his nose, cheekbone jaw and the bone over his eye was broken. the kid looks pretty bad now but hes ok after a day or so in the hospital.

what do you think the police would do, because the only reason he got beat up so bad was because he he hit my friend in the head with a board.but my friend did use really really excessive force.

p.s i just call this guy my friend because i had been friends with him in elementry school and middle school but not at all in highschool because he got into drugs and has major anger problems, oh yeah and he just got out of rehab.