I was gonna put this in the "fighting biggest guy first" but I thought it was so long so I just put it here.

Ok, difference between my friend is he is like 5'6 but average size as in fatness and other guy like 5'8 but skinny.

My friend was talking to this other guy from another school online, and he was talking so much bleep as my friend said. My friend is incredibly strong for his age and probably strongest guy in our school. I think probably through genes and since he is a little poor, he is disciplined and also taken like 5 years of TKD. The other guy thought that my friend would not have that much back up to come to the fight but he was dead wrong. We were waiting at a park with a basketball court with like 20 people including me, and him, and my best friend. We played basketball a little because it was after school and we wait for them to come. He brought like 15 people? So they came right down and at first I thought it was gonna be school vs school fight but it didn't break out like that. My friend I think had no intention of hurting the other guys brain out I think. Very experienced and instead walk over to the grass field and off the cement basketball court. The other guy walk after and when I blink, they already started fighting. At first they were punching it out and after like 2 seconds, my friends head wasn't looking up no more but doing like a windmill for some weird reason even though he is incredibly strong and 5 years of TKD so the guy kind of got in a head lock. Before I knew it, my friend hit the guy in the jaw start bleeding and he fell down like he just been upper cut and leaned back very slowly. My friend walked back to my group. Then, two other guys were cussing at my group though I couldn't really hear what they were saying but just pointing at my friend while the first guy goes back to his group and start smoking while bleeding at the mouth lol. Guy got knocked out and went back to smoke some haha. The guy was that was talking bleep called my friend out and he did come out but this time it was on basketball court.Talk bleep guy was a poser and started jumping and doing things like he was using a numbchuck or whatever those things called while backing up. After a while of my friend walking forward, he started some punch attempt and then did one kick, didn't even get a critical strike and the guy flew back and seems to quit the fight. Then after a while, he says "no, who said I was done." This time he came back but shake my friend hand and yet got punched once not so hard but fake a fall I think so he could end the fight without looking like a pussy. My friend then went over to first guy and shook his hand diffusing the whole fight? After that it started to rain and some people that was watching was talking on cell phone like they were calling police so everyone went home like little by little after talking a little. To be honest, when they first came, I was a scared and hesistant to fight, but I believe that if we did get into a rally I would go in and fight it out.(one of the smaller guys)Sorry for long story.

I do have more stories, but if this story is boring, don't ask. If it isn't then we can talk.