Okay this story actually happened to me last night. First I suppose the set up, my father, mother, two uncles, my one uncle's fiance and a few other relatives of both parties are at a sportsbar (oddly i'm sixteen sooo *shrug*) Anyhow, i'm not entirely sure what started the problem but it eventually got the point of cursing and a near fight.
My father put himself between the two groups of people (my family in one and others against them) and starts trying to talking them down trying to defuse the situation. And yes alchohal was involved, my dad was still sober enough to keep talking them down. Eventually both groups are in the parking lot and everyone seems to be ready to go when it starts up again. Once more my father is in the middle of it all trying to talk them down.

So finally everyone leaves. Not much of a story because i'm not good at telling 'em, and i was over at the car with my mother a good ten twenty feet away. Though apparently my dad has done this sort of thing before being in a band playing at bars often so he's got expereince trying to talk down a fight.

Still i thought it was pretty cool because it did work and finally everyone went their seperate ways.