Please read my story and then: tell me what you think about it and tell me what you would have done!

On the night of Halloween 2004 I was walking home at about 3:30 in the morning after leaving my girlfriend and her friends at it in the city centre. As I was walking at the bottom of the main street I heard a girl shouting that somebody had stolen her bag. I looked around and saw a lad running across the road with the bag. Two men had followed him but gave up after 10 seconds. Seeing this I had two options:1) to leave it like all of the rest of the people in the street and to walk home unscared. or 2) to go after him and try to retreave the bag. After two seconds of thinking I decided to after him. I started to sprint after him, he had already had a 10 seconds start on me. But I knew where he would be heading, which is for a bridge going across the train track about 1k away. After me changing directions around the streets so that he would not see me in pursuit, I caught up with him about 250m away from the bridge. I slowed to a fast walk so that I would catch him just before he got on to the bridge. About 10m away from the bridge I was only 1m behind him so I took the opportunity! I tackled him from behind and grabbed the bag. He managed to struggle up and would not let go of the bag, then he started to throw punches at me. So I blocked and hit him, the first hitting him on the back of the head which managed to break my knuckle on my finger next to my little finger. He went down straight away but would not let go of the bag, I then kicked him in the stomach and in the head. He let go of the bag after a few kicks and ran off bleeding! I then phoned my girlfriend and met with her, we contacted the police who were already with the girl. They were very close to place where the robber had mugged the girl. I explained to the police what I had done and that my hand was broken! The police said..."and what".. The girl said nothing more than thanks, then she turned her head and started talking with her friends!!!! I then asked the police if they could take me to the hospial, they said..."no"... nothing more!! So me and my girlfriend went to the hospital, spent 4 hours there and then I was of work for 2 weeks on half pay!!!

Was it really worth me trying to do a good deed like this, breaking my knuckle and spending 2 weeks off work on half pay?

The main reason why i did this was because I hate violence towards women. This lad picked on a girl half his size and weight, knocked her down in the process of mugging her and stole her bag.

What would you have done??