It seems like it wasn't long ago. I was playing in a football game on the offensive line. It was a normal pass block, but, something went wrong with my knee. I just twisted on it, and I
mean spun around but my foot stayed planted (damn artificial turf). I got pulled out of the
game, I thought I was done, well, forever.

The next day I went to the doctor to have him check it out, so, he sent me to the hospital for an MRI. Afew days later, I got the results.

My meniscus had been trashed, it was all torn up. I also had suffered an injury to my MCL,PCL, and of course ACL. Whether they were torn or not, he couldnt tell, he knew I needed durgery though.

After the surgery, which went well actually, he told me the three tendons had only been strained, which he thought was remarkable. He asked me if I had been in any sports that reguired me to be flexible or limber, so I remarked that I had been in TKD for six years. His remark was, if I had not been so flexible from my past training, then, my knee
would have been worthless, trash. All three tendons would have torn like paper he said.

So, I now continue my training, at almost full strength (it kinda feels weird throwing kicks having the tibia grind though). I owe alot to my training.