I have a question for anyone who wants to reply to the topic, just your views and some of your experiences. So now my question is.

What kind of boundry do you set between yourself and your students (if your an instructor), and what boundries do you and your fellow classmates have.(universal)

Personally my boundry between myself and the students i taught. Was very strict to a point. Of course i would play and ahve fun with the kids but to an extent. They knew what was acceptable fun and what was not. Now let me tell you why i ended up like this.

For the longest time i wuodl help my instructor teach classes, and i never considered myself an instructor, i was always a student. One day we got a student who wanted to test his limits. Well as i was walking by, i didn't even do anything to him, but he tried to hit me, i saw this and just moved, of course he didn't hit me, but i jsut looked at him and kept walking by. Now i'm sure most if not all of you probably would of busted him on the spot, but i didn't cause i didnt want that kind of roll as an instructor.. I was helping class thats all. Well after class, a little later in the evening. I got into a little bit of trouble with my instructor. Now when i saw trouble not him yelling and me or punishing me. But him just explaining to me how i cant let them do it, and i need to more strict.. hehe YES SENSEI. Thats the day that established the line. See i will have fun with you but when i get into trouble for you messin around, thats crossing my line. After that, kids as well as other students knew better than to test their limits.. They lost!

(Black Belt) Also now with limits i know of an instructor/ student who refuses to get involved with others from the school. I never tried to get involved but i did know of her "rule" Seemed kind of funny to me considereding her ex boyfriend used to take classes there. How ironic. Now particular instructor, mean when she teaches.. Just looking at her you know better than to test the limits. Very respectable instructor, one day during a sparring session 2 students didn't stop fighting when she told them too.. Whoo.. busted!

(Black Belt) Now brings me to another instructor, whom i learned a lot from! Taught me jsut about everything about teaching. Hes a very big instructor, towers over everyone, very stalky too. Very strict, loud voice it can carry clear across the room and outside. Everyone respects him completely.

(Black Belt) And for my final instructor, her boundry is not really established, students pretty much walk all over her, and the bad part is she never says anything to them, just looks at them and keeps going. Sadly she will never gain any respect, she almost never works the students or punishes them, i remember i walked in on a class, and i'm not kidding she played Games with them for the entire class. I had parents begging me to take over. But i told them i cant its her class. One of the other instructors, was looking at her and asking her what she was doing? But when she had rather large classes and low rank students she had no idea how to teach them. Needless to say she lost a lot of respect from everyone that day. I'll give her that she is relatively young (13 at the time) But if shes old enough to teach then she should be demanding respect as wel as giving it back to them.

I totally understand how each and every instructor has their differences and similarities; I myself have taken little things from every instructor as well as have given some of my methods and ways to others. Each instructor grows and learn by seeing. I really do agree with the quote of having a black belt is a new beginning. You never stop learning! Your students teach you things, you discover new things. If anyone would like to comment or respond. Then by all means do so..

My Original question:
Whats Your Boundries, and When Is It "Crossing The Line"