when i was in school going to my third period there was one guy mouthing off to me and me being stupid not thinking said bring it on bitch well that didnt go over well he took it seriouse and he attacked being as stoned as he was.

i got him in a head lock and then gave him a couple of knees in the chest. but that wasnt enough i guess he didnt feel it (knowing my luck) so when it comes to the last resort you sock him in the face, broke his nose i guess he felt that because he swore and ran.

after school that day he got his friends after me three guys. they got me prety good concidering they punched me in the gut and then picked me up and used me as a punching bag. finaly my brain kicked in literaly and i kicked the guy in the ead that was going to punch me and then the guy behind me in the nuts .and ran .

got home and my mom got a phone call from the first guys parents and lets just say i got in **** .