recently I have had the pleasure of going back to MA. I found this board just today and am really excited about finding so many like-minded people. but I digress my story:
My job requires me to be sort of mean to alot of my coworkers. recently one of my co workers did not take my advise in the best posible light. he began to scream profanities at me from across the room. his sup took him into a side room and next thing I know he does not work at my place of business anymore. I thought no more about it when I went out to smoke next time he was waiting for me in the smoking area.
he kind of moved twards me so I dropped back into fighting stance. he stopped. I told him I did not want ot fight him but would.
I think he realized I was sizing him up when
he decided to retreat. I have not seen him since then but I am glad for the self confidence my training gave me more that the ability to cause him harm.