Okay, as crazy as this sounds myself and my family are currently being terrorized by a group that to most do not even know they exist. I didn't for some time but had noticed strange things, one of which was often sounds of something on my roof late at night. Something to heavy to be a cat or other animal, but more like a person. For months I had felt like someone was watching me, my dog seemed to act funny at night and other strange things. I can go into great detail about my experiences over the past 8 months which continues even now. In short, what I have found is a group of younger people (18-25) with several older leaders (30-45). They are using ninjitsu to hide themselves, using night vision and survelience techniques to not only watch the area, but look into people's homes and rooms. They have employed the use of bird calls, flashlights and other devices to signal each other. They are very good at what they do and very few had seen or even knew about them. The Police don't seem very willing to do much about the issue or the fact that theft and burglary has increased within our area.

I think the fact that I had stumbled upon them and the acts at night they were carrying out didn't make thme very happy. Also, I began talking to neighbors and some of them begin to bring up things as well. These individuals have out-numbered me on many occasions but do not seem willing to engage me or have been told not too. I have also demonstrated that I am not affraid of them even though I have recieved threats of acts against myself on several levels.

This may sound like some weird Hollywood movie and I would be inclined to agree. However it's not and it has become very real for both me and my family. I have kids and the thought of them looking in their windows at night or watching them is WRONG. Watching anyone in that manner is wrong!!

I don't expect anyone to believe, I really would have to say it's pretty wild myself. But what I have seen and heard is something that I cannot deny.