I started learning karate at 3..I was 2n'd youngest 2 get black belt in india.i got my 2n'd dan.then moved on to Kalari (pressure pt technique)..i trained 4 13 yrs in Kalari.

I did a degree in CSc and worl as a prgmmer.

I have killed a man.

me and my fiancee were returning after shopping, mall with good deals..not a good neighbourhood.

as we stepped out, 2 guys came near and asked 2 hand over purse n belongings. one of them slipped behind my fiancee and held some kinda razor 2 her throat. i had an arm around her shoulder.

seeing the razor on her neck made me act hastily. i took his wrist in my fingers,turned clkwise to lock carpels,then pushed down and back, broke his wrist..i felt it break.

then twisted the wrist till he was bent forward, simult. pushed her away with my left arm and toe kicked the other guy in his scrotum..inside toward prostrate..rupturing it.

as soon as my left hand was recovered. i gave a split finger blow to back of the bent guy's neck.instantly killing him.by breaking 2 dics and cleanly disconnecting the spinal cord.

i hate myself for what i did. i have never used or taught kalari again.

i now teach meditation for free. i am learning reiki now. feels much better to heal.

plz i request u all 2 never kill or teach killing. it kills u more.