Did you ever notice in gymnastics if somebody invents a new move it gets named after them.

I'd like to introduce you to the Farahazad.

Years ago I often visited David Brojacks Kempo Goju school in NE Penna. For one period of time he had a visiting Iranian Karateka, Farahazad, training there. He was a green belt with good skills.

The time came to attend a tournament at George Dillman's and Farahazad entered the Green Belt sparring division. George's tournaments those days could have gigantic divisions, and that green belt division was no different.

Farahazad was quite successful, and won fight after fight, but his energy decreased as the competition continued (as did the other successful competitiors too).

He made it to the semi-final round, and he and his opponent used every ounce of energy they had to both score. Tied one to one, the fight continued, but Farahazad had nothing left.

The judge shouted "Hajime", both opponents tried to start when Farahazad simply reached out with his right hand pointing behind his opponent.

His opponent seeing the pointing finger turned his head.

Farahazad immediately leaped forward and drilled him in the kidneys winning the match.

Brilliant strategy, he distracted his opponent and scored.

If you ever use it yourself, please feel free to call it by name "The Farahazad".

BTW, When it came to his final fight, he really had nothing left and lost, but in doing so created a minor legend in my own mind.

Victor Smith