one boy....defeated all who thought they could take him.
This boy 'Spike' as he calls himself won the Tournament of time winning the grand prize of 10,000 dollars this kid was amazing..he is so skinny I tohught he was going to get seriously hurt ....but no he showed everyone up....he reminded me of Bruce Lee because he neither was the biggest fighter but he could knock the hell out of you.
His fighting style as I saw it was a mix between boxing-ninjitsu-brazilian jujitsu.....he says it his own style....I think he called it Dragons Rage or something like that...
it was amazing show this kid beat so many styles....he did not even try that was the awsome thing about him he put on a show for me and the rest of the judges. He is only 16 yrs. old but fighting like a grand master, who ever did not come missed out. This kid is the next BRUCE LEE