Speed-Switch Entertainment and Bad Monkee Productions present another “Straight from the Source” martial arts event. Mark your calendars, because on June 18, 2005 in San Francisco, California there will be a symposium and seminar on the Filipino Martial Arts like no other.

This unprecedented event will bring together some of the world’s top-notch martial artists. Masters, Sokes (founders of their own systems), and members of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame all in one place! With a variety of styles being represented you will be able to witness dynamic demonstrations and participate in intensive workshops. Lunch will also be provided featuring the tantalizing cuisine of Indonesia.

You can look forward to seeing special guests including:

Dr. Stanford McNeal: Soke, Head-Founder of the Kifaru-Jitsu System, Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Celebrity guest, Professor Sultan Uddin PhD: Soke, Master EskrimaSerrada, West Coast representative and weapons director for Kifaru-Jitsu, Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Dr. Jerome Barber: Pancipanci Eskrima, Chinese Hawaiian Kenpo, Modern Arnis (Presas Style)

Punong Guro Tom Bolden: Inheritor of the Pancipanci Eskrima System, Chinese Hawaiian Kenpo, Modern Arnis (Presas Style)

Master Bram Frank: Modern Arnis (Presas Style), Creator and Innovator of the Gunting Knife

Master Dan Donzella: Indonesian Silat, Garimot Arnis

For payment information or more details on this once in a lifetime event, please contact Guro Andrew Pelayo at 415 336-3890 or e-mail