MAY 11th - 13th, 2001
Livermore, CA

Come study the sword arts in a three day bonanza of lectures, workshops, panel discussions featuring renowned instructors from all over the world.

We will cover the works of Hans Talhoffer, Sigmund Ringneck, the anonymous Jeu de la Hache, Fiore de Liberi, I.33, George Silver, Italian Rapier styles, Saviolo and a host of other fechtbuchen. Jousting and equestrian arts, stage combat, arms and armour and demonstrations by local schools will also be featured.

There will also be a rapier tournament on Friday evening and a late 14th century style pas d'armes on Saturday afternoon where fechtbuchen techniques are to be encouraged.

Even preregistrtions are $80 before April 25th; $100 at the door.

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