I am pleased to announce that I will be sponsoring a one day seminar with Teruo Chinen, Sensei - 7th Dan of Jundokan International.

Chinen Sensei started in the Garden Dojo of Miyagi Chojun, Sensei pulling weeds for his neighbor. Upon his death, he followed his sempai and new teacher, Miyazato Ei'ichi to his new dojo, The Jundokan. Out of respect for his teacher, Chinen Sensei founded his organization in 1984. He now travels the world teaching Goju Ryu to his students.

This seminar will be open to students of other styles and rank that would like to train with this exciting teacher. Sensei has been invited into many dojo oof the world, Besides Goju Ryu dojo, he has taught in Shotokan, Shito Ryu, Shorin Ryu & Uechi Ryu dojo, His seminars are exciting, demanding, and leaves you filled with knowledge. I suggest adult students or youth student above the age of 15 attend only.

The training will be held on sat. 11/11/2000. I am not firm with the venue, as my dojo is small (Okauchee, WI). Dependent of the turnout, I may rent a hall,

Fee is $50.00 US, pre registration is urged. First come, first served basis. For more info, please email me.

I would appreciate if you could forward this to other interested parties.