This is my first post to these forums. Thanks for the work here Chris! It's a tough job managing and tending to forums. I don't envy you the Herculean task you have set yourself up to.

I wanted to just put a short plug here in terms of books, and book reviews, and let visitors who are not familiar with my site know that I try to have thorough reviews of martial arts texts (karate for the most part) and warmly welcome folks to drop over there, take a peek, and give some feedback.

As someone who loves books, and loves reading, I try to find the best I can in them. Sometimes you find gold, and sometimes you are just digging through dirt.

There is also one more notible karate publication that has come out last year (ahem ahem...) and that might need a little more publicity (cough cough). It is highlighted at . So, if you find something over on my site (wink wink, nudge nudge) that someone near and dear may have penned that could use further scrutiny (subliminal message inserted here) by all means, let me know what you think about that too.

Best regards,

Mark Groenewold
Kanazawa, Japan