I want to welcome readers to this section and hope that you will find the discussion educational. I want to start out with a very short list of some of my favorate books that I would recommend to all readers. Let me know you favortes too.

Complete Aikido, by Roy Suenaka and Christopher Watson (Tuttle, 1998) Technique, plus Suenaka's tales of establishing the first aikido dojo in Okinawa, stories of O'sensei, and his karate training in karate under the legendary master Hohan Soken.

Karate Master: The Life and Times of Mitsusuke Harada, by Dr. Clive Layton (Bushido 1997) An absorbing biography about an innovative karate master who was one of the last disciples of Gichen Funakoshi that includes training wisdom and his own views on technique.

Okinawa: The History of An Island People, by George H. Kerr. Now out of print this classic is being revised by Tuttle and will soon make its way back to the bookshelves.

Okinawan Karate: Teachers, Styles, and Secret Techniques (second Edition), by Mark Bishop (Tuttle 1999)
Informative historical information of Okinawan karate styles, kobudo, lineages and teachers.

Secrets of the Samurai: A Survey of the Martial Arts of Japan, by Oscar Ratti & Adele Eestbrook (Tuttle) A broad overslook and examination of Japan's classical warrior arts, social and military structure as well as modern budo's historical roots and includes marvelous illustrations that capture the action and strategy of combat engagements.

The Sword & the Mind, by Munenori Yagyu, translated with an introduction and notes by Hiroaki Sato (Overlook Press, 1986) A classic and one of this authors favorites, the book illustrates swordsmanship and its strategy. Included are insights of three great Japanese swordsmen.

Karate, Technique and Spirit, by Tadashi Nakamura (Shufunotomo Co., Ltd. Japan distributed in the US by Tuttle) Now hard to find this classic will soon appear in a soft cover version reissued by Tuttle. Much more than a text on karate technique this book is a textbook on Seido karate but also emphasizes the spirit and philosophy of the art.

Unante: The Secrets of Karate, by John Sells (W. M. Hawley, 1995) An authoritative source on the history, teachers and styles of karate.