[QUOTE]Originally posted by samurai117:
Daito Ryu and Yoshinkan use jo instead of yo
ikkajo / ikkyo
nikkajo / nikyo ect...

Why is this? Is it like Kung Fu / Gung Fu just a matter of prnounciation or translation, or is there a reason for the change?

Also the person recieving the technique is pretty much always called uke. However, the person doing the technique is called Tori,Shite, or Nage. Why the change, what is the difference?


I to noticed the ikkajo change when I did some training with Yoshinkan. However I never got it, so I didn't persue it.

However as for Uke and Nage.
Uke always represents the one that is being thrown.
Nage is always representative of the one that is throwing.
Nage comes from the word itself, its basic meaning is 'to throw', like Kokyu nage. Or breath throw.
I think Uke comes from ukemi or falling techniques. For example Chudan mae ukemi - mid level break fall.