Hi again, my curiosity has grown by reading these forums. I love pushing my body to the limits, spite my knees, I would like to know is there any way to train at home, money isn't strong with me, and the places near us are very money or how you say McDojo's. I would love to know an intense trianing i can do with aikido, orany other martial arts. I would be most appreciative, if anyone could answer that. Is it possible to train yourself or make a new art, questions erupt in my head such as this, i want to enlighten myself by learning off everyone out there, such a feat possible, dedication and training i acknowledge, accepting the way of paccifism (sp) over violence yet knowing what true power of mind is and spirit of body, these things race through my head, and for me it seems aikido is a good way to start off learning, can anyone answer me? i would be most appreciative!!