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my 2 cents...............when viewing a circle it has 360'.If you divide your circle into an octagon you are not using all the angles available to you. Look at the first half of the exercise where you go in 4 directions, you are working the 90', add the 8 directions and your working the 45'. But all angles exist in the circle(360)so what happened to the 36' angle or the 75' or the 120'? Knowing all angles exist, the octagon is helpful but one is missing angles to work. We employ the use of the clock, from 12(always facing you)all the way around to the 11. this increases the angles by a bit as you can work to the 1, or the 2 before moving the 3. You can also move between 1 and 2, and 2 and 3,so you create more angles in your tai sabaki. Its impossible and hard to relate to move to the 37' angle, but moving to the 1 on the clock would be close. You needn't worry where you step as long as you are alighned and as long as you are aware that the angles of the octagon are not all that there are, there are much more.[/QUOTE]Hello Sensei Lou!----thanks for your REPLY.And you are correct.Indeed, there are much more.from my observations, this thing can get more, and more complex as you can handel.It can also have a "not beyond approach", system about it.I like the latter.