Hello!, i am a fan of aikido(As well as other combat arts)--my question to all you aikido Pro's outthere is on what you call the circles in aikido.I understand the 8-directions to "force coerce"--as i call it.--ie: front,back,right-side,left-side,and the 4-in-between points.I know that knowing these points, you can off-balance.it seems to me, that this is aikido's "bread-n-butter"-speciality!...so, how, or what-does the circle fit in to the aforementioned?Is this a pattern? Thanks ahead of time for any responses.p.s.By the way, it was this understanding of these 8-points, that enabled BRUCE LEE, to do his one-inch punch.The force coming directly IN FRONT of the guy(no matter how short the distance)--knocked the guy backwards.....naturally.So all you kung-fu guys that still think it a mystery, sorry!---just plain 'ol physics!---that aikido stylists have known for a long time.,---terry

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